About our ties


Uniqueness of our customers is of highest importance to us. Because of that we manufacture Franz GL products only in small quantities and we prepare a few colour versions. Thanks to that the clothes of our customers have an individual character. Most of our Ties have two width versions: classic 8,5 cm and slim 6,5 cm.


Our ties are hand sewn from the highest quality natural fabrics. We use silk, linen and wool produced in Italy (Como) and Great Britain. The interlinings are either wool or double wool and cotton. The linings are silk or wool from Italy or Great Britain or the Ties are self-tipped.


All our Ties are hand sewn In Poland. The main seam of the ties is hand-made using a single thick silk thread ended on one side with a characteristic loop. It gives the Tie flexibility and helps the Tie come back to its original shape.

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