About us

Franz GL brand was created to give its customers the highest quality unique fashion accessories. In order to do that our fabrics come from the best suppliers. Currently our fabrics come from well established manufactures from Italy and Great Britain. We seek not only quality but also unique designs, patterns and colours. They must combine classics with lightness and courage. We visit our suppliers and get to know their history, production processes and fabrics and if “this is it” we establish cooperation.

We want our customers to have access to unique and exceptional ties, pocket squares, bow ties and other fashion accessories. Because of that we manufacture our hand made products in quantities limited to a few pieces. Most of the pocket squares available at our store are designed by us. Our accessories make the outfits take on a new dimension and make their owners look elegant and feel unique and help them emphasise their personality – so they say. We constantly do our best to help our customers be pleased. We would like our customers to always have a feeling that what they wear was created for them.   

The Ties are sewn from the highest quality natural fabrics – the linings and interlinings are also natural - and the main seam of the tie is hand-made using a silk thread ended with a characteristic loop.

The Pocket Squares are hand-sewn and like our The Bow Ties and our ties they are made of natural fabrics.

All our products are sewn in Poland.

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